West-Central Nevada has two economic drivers that have significantly impacted Walker Lake: Cantaloupes and the US Navy. Walker Lake, one of the remnants of Lake Lahontan and one of the two places Lahontan Cutthroat Trout live, is about 90 miles southeast of Reno. It’s been relentlessly tapped for agriculture, and since the late 1800s, its level has dropped 125ft- all so you can enjoy your Nevada-grown cantaloupes.  The salinity of the lake has increased and it’s unlikely that its charismatic trout species will be able to survive there much longer. Also, there’s quite a bit of unexploded ordinance in the lake. The US Army has a huge munitions stockpile to the south in the town of Hawthorne, a grim desert town that greets passers-by on US95 with patriotically painted missiles. It used to be run by the Navy, which explains the dumb rumor that there was submarine testing in the lake during the cold war.