In 2006, during a Razorbacks game at War Memorial stadium, someone came to town to speak on behalf of then-gubernatorial candidate Mike Beebe. The picture caputures about the entire crowd- everyone else in LR was watching or attending the game. He spoke at the state capitol, a building which was designed for Helena, MT, but which ended up in Little Rock. It’s quite lovely, stripped-down neoclassicism. If you’re into that thing.

I got close enough to the speaker after his speech to actually shake his hand and throw a few words at him. Probably doesn’t remember me. That was the same year I met Howard Dean in Chicago.


Prayer tower

It’s a prayer tower on the campus of Oral Roberts University. I don’t know why or when, but it’s cool looking. Jesus likes futuristic architecture, I guess.


Taken in City Park, Denver, in late October 2010.

City of Los Angeles

Mono Lake, 2007. Owned by the City of Los Angeles and used for municipal water until the ’80s, when the city was ordered to stop withdrawing water from the lake and to attempt to mitigate the environmental catastrophe visited on this place. It’s risen a few feet since then, but the tufa mounds can still be seen everywhere, and the water quality is still pretty dismal. Looks nice in the winter, though.

Denton, 1944?

Conway, 2006

Warm July night in 2007, with a long exposure. I miss my S80.

New Jerusalem

LDS Temple, Salt Lake City. The church skyscraper is adjacent. (Of course the church is in a skyscraper; it’s quite a large operation, but not enough to need a Vatican. Yet.)